Polished Concrete Floors – Take a Fresh Look…

When most people think of exposed concrete, they picture a purely functional space: a garage, parking deck, basement, warehouse, or factory floor. The look of unpolished, unfinished concrete is dull, grey and utilitarian. It implies an indifference to an area’s appearance. When people think about exposed concrete floors, they usually don’t picture a soaring corporate atrium, a meticulously designed retail space, a stylish domestic living or dining room, or a high end office. However, with today’s impressive concrete finishing and polishing techniques, that’s exactly where you’ll find exposed concrete floors.

Either new or existing concrete floors can be transformed into expansive high gloss, futuristic surfaces that do not require waxing to maintain their shine. They can be finished in colours or in faux-textures that imitate the look of stone or ceramics. They can be finished in warm tones that give them an earthy, organic look. They can be decorated with painted or integral patterns, pictures or logos. The possibilities are almost endless.

Is your concrete floor cracked? Cracks can be masked, but depending on the design intent, they can also enhance the beauty of the finished floor. Existing concrete floors can be finished with a wax-free matte or high gloss surface, decorative colour and effects can be added, and optional coatings can be applied.

New concrete floors can also be poured with impregnated colours and with decorative aggregate. Imagine a polished floor that features the iconic materials used in your business. Almost anything can be used as aggregate in a new concrete floor or a new concrete topping on an existing floor: gears, computer chips, compact disks, glass beads, pieces of stone, glass or tile; there are so many exciting possibilities.

Concrete floors can be cold, but they can also be built with an integral hot water heating system. Polished concrete can be slippery, but high traction coatings are available. Concrete can be damp, but most modern buildings have a vapour barrier underneath the ground floor slab that will prevent water from diffusing through it. Concrete is a hard, unforgiving surface, but it can be softened with area rugs and other removable coverings.

Most concrete slabs last for the life of the building. There’s no floor surface that’s more durable, and the money that you invest now in a beautiful polished concrete finish will probably be the only large investment you will ever need to make in the floor. Contact the Concrete Rejuvenating Company to find out how you get the look you want and the functionality you need without adding additional materials.



Exciting Options in Polished Concrete Floor Design!

Most building owners and designers think of a building’s concrete slabs as structural components. Although concrete floors may be left exposed in storage and work areas, finish materials such as tile, wood, and carpeting are traditionally specified when an attractive and stylish floor surface is needed. Unfortunately, these finish materials wear out and have to be replaced periodically, they cost money to buy, and they cost energy and carbon emissions to manufacture and transport. There’s a simpler solution: polished concrete floors. With all of the design options that polished concrete offers, exposed concrete floors aren’t just for warehouses, garages, factories and basements anymore.

When polished concrete floors are specified in a new building, the aesthetic possibilities are endless. Almost anything can be used as surface aggregate. The floor can be designed to resemble terrazzo. It can contain pieces of decorative stone, glass or ceramic. It can even contain decorative and meaningful objects like screws, computer chips or gears that will be revealed in a variety of orientations when the floor is ground and polished. The design options don’t end there. New concrete can be impregnated with colour, and it can be poured in sections to create durable and permanent patterns and designs. The results can be futuristic or traditional, impressive or humorous.

Most of these effects can also be achieved with a new concrete topping on an existing floor. However, it is almost always more convenient to work with the original surface. When an existing concrete floor is repaired and polished, you will see the beauty hidden in the material for the first time. Finishing options for existing floors range from matte to high gloss. Colour can be added, faux stone and other refined-looking finishes can be applied, and protective coatings are also an alternative.

Polished concrete floors are an excellent option for your public and office areas, especially high traffic spaces like foyers, atriums and retail floors where you may have chosen tile or terrazzo in the past. However, polished concrete can also add flair to areas that you may once have left unfinished. After all, those spaces are visible parts of your facility, and a nicer looking floor can contribute to a clean, professional and high tech look that may have a positive effect on employee morale and productivity. Everyone appreciates a nice looking work area, and when every part of the facility looks clean and well planned, the whole operation feels more efficient and professional.

Call the Concrete Rejuvenating Company today. We can help you explore the many exciting options in polished concrete floor design.



Concrete Coating is a Good Way to Give You Concrete Floor a New Life

In case you have a concrete floor you will be aware that with time it can become discoloured and stained. This is because concrete is a porous material – it has got countless tiny holes in it – and chemicals together with other liquids are very likely to seep in it. This leads to deterioration, but the solution is not to get a brand new floor, you just need to come to us and take advantage of our concrete coating services!

Our company offers a complete concrete coating and sealing service using the most up to date products and machines, and you may pick from a range of coatings. Coating and sealing concrete floors not only brings out the finest in them visually, but prevents the absorption of chemicals and other materials which may cause damage and staining.

Potential benefits to Coating a Concrete Floor

  • Seals the floor to prevent seepage
  • High gloss or matt finish for great looks
  • Choice of colours, if you wish
  • Restores and protects existing floors
  • Convenient to clean
  • Provides weather protection to outside areas

Rather than spending money on a brand new floor you can save money by having your existing concrete floor coated and sealed from the proper products, giving fresh life along with an attractive finish to all your concrete flooring.

Hire The Concrete Coating Professionals

We’ve got many years of experience of the coating, grinding and polishing of concrete floors and make use of the most up-to-date devices and materials on the market. With a selection of high gloss finish, favored by residential customers who want a beautiful result, or matt – as well as several colour selections – you could renovate your current concrete floors to a higher standard, and extend the life of your floor.

Our specialized, properly trained floor coating experts will make sure that you get the finish you deserve, and in addition we offer a extensive range of grinding, polishing and coating services, all at good prices. For the best results in concrete flooring make sure you come to us for a quote.

Get In Touch Now!

Whether you have an industrial unit that needs a concrete floor coating or are a residential buyer we can help with your concrete floor coating, and we’ll ensure that job is finished in the least amount of time with the least difficulty to you. In case you have any queries about our concrete coating services you should give us a call and one of our team shall be thrilled to support.

CRC offer concrete coating throughout Melbourne. Contact Frank on 0417 338 506 to arrange a obligation free quote on your concrete coating requirements.



Concrete Sealing for Improving Your Concrete Floor

Concrete is a sturdy and much utilized material when it comes to flooring, nonetheless it has a few features that need expert treatment. We can offer a complete service for your concrete floor needs, whether you are a residential client or a commercial customer, and are aware of the requirement for concrete sealing.

Concrete needs to be appropriately sealed because it is a porous material. It means that, regardless how tough it seems and feels to us, it basically has many microscopic holes in it that permit liquids of several kinds to seep in and result in ugly spots, blemishes and – sometimes – damage. Substances like oil and detergents are a common reason for problems, so what you need is our specialist concrete sealing service!

Some great benefits of Concrete Sealing

  • Removes stains and marks and replenishes the surface
  • Guards against potential damage by chemicals
  • Weather protection for outdoor areas
  • Applies an attractive coating and brings the best out in the floor
  • Makes the floor easier to clean
  • Stops against seepage from under

Our full concrete sealing service can help you save money by repairing and guarding your current concrete floor, and in doing so will give you a stylish, strong flooring that will last for a long time.
Professional Concrete Sealing Performance

With the most up-to-date sealing procedures and the correct supplies we will provide you with the best possible results. We can give you a choice of glossy or matt coverings for the desired finish you need, and we can also apply dyes to your concrete floor in case you require. With lots of years of experience in the business we understand that different floors need certain treatment, and we give you what you want.

We utilize the most up-to-date machinery and materials for our concrete sealing work – as well as for polishing and grinding concrete floors, further services you may well be considering – and irrespective of whether you need an old floor resealing or a full restoration we are able to handle the task.

Concrete Sealing – Contact Us for Further Information

We given concrete sealing solutions for industrial, commercial as well as residential buildings, and we take pride in doing the task with the least interference to your day to day schedule. If you have a concrete floor that requires cleaning and sealing call us immediately and one of our amiable and knowledgeable team will be very pleased to discuss your needs.

Concrete Rejuvenating Company specialise in concrete sealing all over Melbourne. Call Frank on 0417 338 506 to arrange a no-obligation quotation on your concrete sealing requirements.



Transform Your Existing Slab into a Polished Concrete Floor

Many home and building owners today have their concrete floors polished as part of the construction process. They select the colours, textural effects, decorative flourishes and types of finishes to enhance their architectural and decorating choices, and the polished concrete floor is created to suit.

Existing concrete floors usually aren’t perfect

What if you’re the not-so-proud owner of an existing concrete floor, one with an imperfect surface? Many concrete floors and slabs, especially in high traffic areas or where expansion joints haven’t been provided, crack and flake over decades of use. However, if your concrete floor is structurally sound, then you can enhance it with a polished concrete surface.

Cover or incorporate imperfections

If your concrete floor has cracked and spalled, then there are two solutions. You can choose a polished concrete design that looks fine with a few cracks and other imperfections, or you can create a new concrete cover. When it’s possible to work with the imperfections, that’s the quickest and most economical choice. Select a textural effect that will obscure or even benefit from the appearance of cracks and rough patches, something unevenly coloured and antiqued or organic-looking. Alternatively, add a new layer of concrete to the top of your existing slab and start from scratch. Your concrete polishing contractor can help you decide on the best option.



Benefits of Polished Concrete

Concrete polishing technology has really been moving forward in the past twenty years, and now it’s possible to make your plain concrete slab into a beautiful finished floor. What are the advantages of this? There are quite a few.

Durable and Simple

First, choosing a polished concrete floor saves you the expense of purchasing and maintaining a finish material such as wood, tile, carpet, or vinyl flooring. Polished concrete slabs are durable and easy to maintain. They do require some extra work, but no more than it would take to install a separate floor finish. Because the structural slab is also the finished floor, it makes the most of the materials at hand. That’s both frugal and good for the environment.

Full of Creative Possibilities

A plain polished concrete slab is sleek and modern-looking. It’s simple, striking and futuristic, and it gives an impression of efficiency and high technology. You’d expect to see a plain polished concrete floor in a computer chip factory or aerospace engineering facility. However, polished concrete has so many more possibilities. Concrete is artificial stone. It can be coloured, and textural effects can be added. Logos, geometric designs and other graphics can be applied to the surface, or even embedded. The possibilities are endless.



Polished Concrete: an Inexpensive Flooring Choice

If you’ve seen a few of the high end, stylish looks that can be achieved with polished concrete, you might think that it’s an expensive process. That’s not the case at all. It’s a reasonably priced technique. The quality and durability of the finish that can be achieved using this method is truly an amazing value.

Why is polished concrete a good value?

A polished concrete floor starts with a concrete floor slab. Concrete slabs are generally found on the lowest level of houses and other wood framed buildings, and on every floor of buildings with steel and concrete structures. In the past, the slabs were left exposed in basements, garages, industrial facilities and warehouses. In living and office spaces, the slabs were covered with a second material, such as carpeting, tile, vinyl flooring, or even wood. The purchase and installation of the second material added expense, and the finish material would also require replacement every 10 to 20 years. The flooring replacements, of course, were expensive and disruptive.

Because the concrete slab itself is what’s polished to create the finish floor, you’ll save on material not just once, but many times, because polished concrete is far more durable than alternative finishes. With no extra material and a minimum of maintenance, polished concrete will save you money at the time of construction and throughout the life of the building.



Polished Concrete Floors Can Be Fun and Creative

When most people think of concrete, they think of it as a very plain looking and practical material. It’s often part of a building’s structure. It’s very strong and durable. You see it exposed as pavement and in factories, warehouses and garages.

Look Again!

Chances are good that you’ve seen some stunning polished concrete floors and didn’t even realise what they were. That’s because they had colours, patterns, images and/or textural effects added. Concrete is an all natural material that has character and authenticity. Polished concrete can look sleek and futuristic, but it can also be elegant or even fun and whimsical. It can be altered to look like stone, terrazzo or a tile mosaic. It can be enhanced with bright and intense colours and patterns. It can even be decorated with images. The only limit is your imagination.

Look online and look around you. Take note of all the different results that can be achieved with polished concrete floors. Ask your local concrete polishing contractor about the fantastic effects and techniques that are available today. With polished concrete, you can create a floor that’s durable and economical, but also beautiful and creatively designed.



Polished Concrete: Stylish and Modern Flooring

Concrete slabs are found almost everywhere but on the upper floors of wood buildings. In the past, they were regarded as just a part of the building’s structure; something plain looking to cover up and hide. However, during the past twenty years, polished concrete has been flourishing as a design option. As new technology has become available, polished concrete floors have moved from high tech factories and upscale car dealerships to corporate headquarters, offices and even homes.

Polished Concrete is Incredibly Versatile

Why this shift from traditional tile, wood and carpeted finish floors to polished concrete? Not only is it an ecologically and economically sound choice, it also offers a plethora of stylish options. Most people have noticed the beauty of sleek, modern looking plain polished concrete floors. They have a clean, futuristic look that’s just right for many industrial and retail applications. However, did you know that polished concrete can also be made to look warm and natural? Adding colour and textural effects and using satin and matte finishes not only softens the look of polished concrete, it can incorporate cracks and other flaws in an existing concrete floor into a natural looking design. Why pay to cover up a concrete floor when there are so many ways to bring out its natural beauty?