Concrete polishing technology has really been moving forward in the past twenty years, and now it’s possible to make your plain concrete slab into a beautiful finished floor. What are the advantages of this? There are quite a few.

Durable and Simple

First, choosing a polished concrete floor saves you the expense of purchasing and maintaining a finish material such as wood, tile, carpet, or vinyl flooring. Polished concrete slabs are durable and easy to maintain. They do require some extra work, but no more than it would take to install a separate floor finish. Because the structural slab is also the finished floor, it makes the most of the materials at hand. That’s both frugal and good for the environment.

Full of Creative Possibilities

A plain polished concrete slab is sleek and modern-looking. It’s simple, striking and futuristic, and it gives an impression of efficiency and high technology. You’d expect to see a plain polished concrete floor in a computer chip factory or aerospace engineering facility. However, polished concrete has so many more possibilities. Concrete is artificial stone. It can be coloured, and textural effects can be added. Logos, geometric designs and other graphics can be applied to the surface, or even embedded. The possibilities are endless.