In case you have a concrete floor you will be aware that with time it can become discoloured and stained. This is because concrete is a porous material – it has got countless tiny holes in it – and chemicals together with other liquids are very likely to seep in it. This leads to deterioration, but the solution is not to get a brand new floor, you just need to come to us and take advantage of our concrete coating services!

Our company offers a complete concrete coating and sealing service using the most up to date products and machines, and you may pick from a range of coatings. Coating and sealing concrete floors not only brings out the finest in them visually, but prevents the absorption of chemicals and other materials which may cause damage and staining.

Potential benefits to Coating a Concrete Floor

  • Seals the floor to prevent seepage
  • High gloss or matt finish for great looks
  • Choice of colours, if you wish
  • Restores and protects existing floors
  • Convenient to clean
  • Provides weather protection to outside areas

Rather than spending money on a brand new floor you can save money by having your existing concrete floor coated and sealed from the proper products, giving fresh life along with an attractive finish to all your concrete flooring.

Hire The Concrete Coating Professionals

We’ve got many years of experience of the coating, grinding and polishing of concrete floors and make use of the most up-to-date devices and materials on the market. With a selection of high gloss finish, favored by residential customers who want a beautiful result, or matt – as well as several colour selections – you could renovate your current concrete floors to a higher standard, and extend the life of your floor.

Our specialized, properly trained floor coating experts will make sure that you get the finish you deserve, and in addition we offer a extensive range of grinding, polishing and coating services, all at good prices. For the best results in concrete flooring make sure you come to us for a quote.

Get In Touch Now!

Whether you have an industrial unit that needs a concrete floor coating or are a residential buyer we can help with your concrete floor coating, and we’ll ensure that job is finished in the least amount of time with the least difficulty to you. In case you have any queries about our concrete coating services you should give us a call and one of our team shall be thrilled to support.

CRC offer concrete coating throughout Melbourne. Contact Frank on 0417 338 506 to arrange a obligation free quote on your concrete coating requirements.