Most building owners and designers think of a building’s concrete slabs as structural components. Although concrete floors may be left exposed in storage and work areas, finish materials such as tile, wood, and carpeting are traditionally specified when an attractive and stylish floor surface is needed. Unfortunately, these finish materials wear out and have to be replaced periodically, they cost money to buy, and they cost energy and carbon emissions to manufacture and transport. There’s a simpler solution: polished concrete floors. With all of the design options that polished concrete offers, exposed concrete floors aren’t just for warehouses, garages, factories and basements anymore.

When polished concrete floors are specified in a new building, the aesthetic possibilities are endless. Almost anything can be used as surface aggregate. The floor can be designed to resemble terrazzo. It can contain pieces of decorative stone, glass or ceramic. It can even contain decorative and meaningful objects like screws, computer chips or gears that will be revealed in a variety of orientations when the floor is ground and polished. The design options don’t end there. New concrete can be impregnated with colour, and it can be poured in sections to create durable and permanent patterns and designs. The results can be futuristic or traditional, impressive or humorous.

Most of these effects can also be achieved with a new concrete topping on an existing floor. However, it is almost always more convenient to work with the original surface. When an existing concrete floor is repaired and polished, you will see the beauty hidden in the material for the first time. Finishing options for existing floors range from matte to high gloss. Colour can be added, faux stone and other refined-looking finishes can be applied, and protective coatings are also an alternative.

Polished concrete floors are an excellent option for your public and office areas, especially high traffic spaces like foyers, atriums and retail floors where you may have chosen tile or terrazzo in the past. However, polished concrete can also add flair to areas that you may once have left unfinished. After all, those spaces are visible parts of your facility, and a nicer looking floor can contribute to a clean, professional and high tech look that may have a positive effect on employee morale and productivity. Everyone appreciates a nice looking work area, and when every part of the facility looks clean and well planned, the whole operation feels more efficient and professional.

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