High Polished Concrete Floors Melbourne

  A high polished concrete is referred by many names which include and not limited to hiperfloor, superfloor as well as highfloor. To us this is basically concrete that is highly polished and the process that we use is similar to the one used for terrazzo, marble and granite floors. With our qualified personnel and use of the latest technology available in the market, we surpass your wildest expectations and deliver the highest quality achievable in all circumstances.

Durability is critical to any concrete surface and the major advantage of high polished concrete; the concrete is the wearing surface and not just the topical coating as coated system floors. When the concrete floor is highly polished, it becomes scuff resistant, low allergenic and is easy to clean whilst enabling buffing at any time. We believe our customers deserve high quality finish and that is what we deliver at Concrete Rejuvenating.

  This choice is the  option for many large retail stores and is fast becoming the most popular choice for residential properties as well. It is slightly more expensive than the coating system due to its extra work, time and materials needed to achieve the desired results but it is well worth it. It has many advantages when comparecd to other forms of conventional finishing. High polish can be produced on whatever aggregate exposure level our clients choose and we deliver as per your request with special enhancements if requested.

As we are the number one trusted company dealing with high polished concrete, you can relay on us. Our team is dedicated to giving you the best out of your project. Our free quotes are always available on time.

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