If you’ve seen a few of the high end, stylish looks that can be achieved with polished concrete, you might think that it’s an expensive process. That’s not the case at all. It’s a reasonably priced technique. The quality and durability of the finish that can be achieved using this method is truly an amazing value.

Why is polished concrete a good value?

A polished concrete floor starts with a concrete floor slab. Concrete slabs are generally found on the lowest level of houses and other wood framed buildings, and on every floor of buildings with steel and concrete structures. In the past, the slabs were left exposed in basements, garages, industrial facilities and warehouses. In living and office spaces, the slabs were covered with a second material, such as carpeting, tile, vinyl flooring, or even wood. The purchase and installation of the second material added expense, and the finish material would also require replacement every 10 to 20 years. The flooring replacements, of course, were expensive and disruptive.

Because the concrete slab itself is what’s polished to create the finish floor, you’ll save on material not just once, but many times, because polished concrete is far more durable than alternative finishes. With no extra material and a minimum of maintenance, polished concrete will save you money at the time of construction and throughout the life of the building.