When most people think of exposed concrete, they picture a purely functional space: a garage, parking deck, basement, warehouse, or factory floor. The look of unpolished, unfinished concrete is dull, grey and utilitarian. It implies an indifference to an area’s appearance. When people think about exposed concrete floors, they usually don’t picture a soaring corporate atrium, a meticulously designed retail space, a stylish domestic living or dining room, or a high end office. However, with today’s impressive concrete finishing and polishing techniques, that’s exactly where you’ll find exposed concrete floors.

Either new or existing concrete floors can be transformed into expansive high gloss, futuristic surfaces that do not require waxing to maintain their shine. They can be finished in colours or in faux-textures that imitate the look of stone or ceramics. They can be finished in warm tones that give them an earthy, organic look. They can be decorated with painted or integral patterns, pictures or logos. The possibilities are almost endless.

Is your concrete floor cracked? Cracks can be masked, but depending on the design intent, they can also enhance the beauty of the finished floor. Existing concrete floors can be finished with a wax-free matte or high gloss surface, decorative colour and effects can be added, and optional coatings can be applied.

New concrete floors can also be poured with impregnated colours and with decorative aggregate. Imagine a polished floor that features the iconic materials used in your business. Almost anything can be used as aggregate in a new concrete floor or a new concrete topping on an existing floor: gears, computer chips, compact disks, glass beads, pieces of stone, glass or tile; there are so many exciting possibilities.

Concrete floors can be cold, but they can also be built with an integral hot water heating system. Polished concrete can be slippery, but high traction coatings are available. Concrete can be damp, but most modern buildings have a vapour barrier underneath the ground floor slab that will prevent water from diffusing through it. Concrete is a hard, unforgiving surface, but it can be softened with area rugs and other removable coverings.

Most concrete slabs last for the life of the building. There’s no floor surface that’s more durable, and the money that you invest now in a beautiful polished concrete finish will probably be the only large investment you will ever need to make in the floor. Contact the Concrete Rejuvenating Company to find out how you get the look you want and the functionality you need without adding additional materials.