Concrete slabs are found almost everywhere but on the upper floors of wood buildings. In the past, they were regarded as just a part of the building’s structure; something plain looking to cover up and hide. However, during the past twenty years, polished concrete has been flourishing as a design option. As new technology has become available, polished concrete floors have moved from high tech factories and upscale car dealerships to corporate headquarters, offices and even homes.

Polished Concrete is Incredibly Versatile

Why this shift from traditional tile, wood and carpeted finish floors to polished concrete? Not only is it an ecologically and economically sound choice, it also offers a plethora of stylish options. Most people have noticed the beauty of sleek, modern looking plain polished concrete floors. They have a clean, futuristic look that’s just right for many industrial and retail applications. However, did you know that polished concrete can also be made to look warm and natural? Adding colour and textural effects and using satin and matte finishes not only softens the look of polished concrete, it can incorporate cracks and other flaws in an existing concrete floor into a natural looking design. Why pay to cover up a concrete floor when there are so many ways to bring out its natural beauty?