Many home and building owners today have their concrete floors polished as part of the construction process. They select the colours, textural effects, decorative flourishes and types of finishes to enhance their architectural and decorating choices, and the polished concrete floor is created to suit.

Existing concrete floors usually aren’t perfect

What if you’re the not-so-proud owner of an existing concrete floor, one with an imperfect surface? Many concrete floors and slabs, especially in high traffic areas or where expansion joints haven’t been provided, crack and flake over decades of use. However, if your concrete floor is structurally sound, then you can enhance it with a polished concrete surface.

Cover or incorporate imperfections

If your concrete floor has cracked and spalled, then there are two solutions. You can choose a polished concrete design that looks fine with a few cracks and other imperfections, or you can create a new concrete cover. When it’s possible to work with the imperfections, that’s the quickest and most economical choice. Select a textural effect that will obscure or even benefit from the appearance of cracks and rough patches, something unevenly coloured and antiqued or organic-looking. Alternatively, add a new layer of concrete to the top of your existing slab and start from scratch. Your concrete polishing contractor can help you decide on the best option.